2014-01-21 08:13:39

RGC assists AngloAmerican Cobre in Assessment & Remedial Design of Seepage Plumes

In September 2010, AngloAmerican Cobre retained RGC to assist in the remedial design of seepage plumes emanating from the Las Tortolas and El Torito tailings impoundments. The study program includes:

  • a 3D delineation of the sulphate plumes (the primary COC) using novel drilling techniques (Dual Rotary and Sonic drilling with isoflow sampling)
  • installation of a network of monitoring wells to monitor future seepage plume migration and
  • assessment of alternative remedial strategies (extraction wells, cutoff walls, injection wells) using a groundwater flow and transport model

The project was initiated in October 2010 and remedial designs for both tailings impoundments are expected to be completed by end of 2011.

El Torito Tailings Dam

Las Tortolas Tailings Impoundment