2014-01-21 08:18:51

RGC co-authors Groundwater Modelling Guidelines for B.C. Ministry of Environment

RGC has partnered with SRK Consulting (Canada) to co-author the groundwater modelling guidelines for the province of British Columbia (BC). Dr. Christoph Wels (RGC) is lead author of the Guidelines for Groundwater Modelling to Assess Impacts of Proposed Natural Resource Development Activities which will be a public document available through the BC Ministry of Environment (MOE).

The guidelines describe the best practice for applying groundwater modelling in the context of natural resource developments in BC, including mining, aggregate, and groundwater extraction projects. It is intended that these guidelines will promote and facilitate proponent-regulator interaction throughout the modelling process to sustain the responsible development of natural resources in BC. The guidelines balance best practice for developing and applying groundwater flow and transport models with recommendations for interpreting and reviewing the model results.

To facilitate comprehension of the guidelines, RGC and SRK have also developed a web-based training tool for BC MOE staff.

The online version of the guidelines can be viewed at this link: www.rgc.ca/moe