2014-01-21 08:12:26

New Courses Available on Edumine

Groundwater Modelling in Mining Parts I & II

RGC has authored two new online courses on Groundwater Modelling in Mining. The courses are now available on Edumine. These courses represent the first two of a three-part groundwater modelling series developed by RGC and co-authored by SRK Consulting.

Excerpt from the Course Introduction:

The use of numerical groundwater models enables decision makers to study and evaluate potential impacts of large and complex mining projects. Sophisticated models and modelling platforms are, however, no guarantee of good modelling practice. The complexities of groundwater models used for impact assessment may even lead to misuse and/or misinterpretation.

This series of three courses on groundwater modelling describes the broader concepts of groundwater modelling related to impact assessment for mining projects. Yet, this series reflect generally accepted best practices in groundwater modelling and as such should be applicable to a wide range of groundwater modelling applications.

This groundwater modeling series is based on the British Columbia Groundwater Modelling Guidelines which were commissioned by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment (BC MoE). This course has been modified and condensed to suit the format and (international) audience of an EduMine course.

Groundwater Modelling in Mining Part 1 presents an overview of the modelling process, a discussion of model conceptualization, and describes the process for selecting the most appropriate mathematical model to meet the project objectives.

Groundwater Modelling in Mining Part 2 covers the set up of a numerical groundwater model, model calibration and verification, modelling predictions, and evaluation of model uncertainty.

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