Jack Caldwell, PE

Landfill Experience

Jack Caldwell has worked on the design, construction, operation, and closure of landfills over the past decade. His landfill work included detailed and extensive evaluation and use of geosynthetics for liners, covers, and soil reinforcement. Selected landfill projects that he has worked on include:

  • Operating Industries Inc. Landfill, Monterey Park. This project involved the design and construction of the cover, surface water management systems, and gas control systems for a 136 acre hazardous waste landfill. Jack Caldwell was on site for over four years leading a team of geotechnical engineers in site geotechnical characterization, cover design, and the provision of geotechnical engineering construction support to Foster Wheeler Environmental Corporation. For this project, Jack Caldwell and the team of geotechnical engineers also designed and oversaw construction of lined storm water and sediment control facilities, a large geogrid reinforced retaining wall, and the extensive use of geosynthetics in temporary and permanent applications.
  • Kirtland Air Force Base. For over four years, Jack Caldwell has provided specialist services to Foster Wheeler Environmental Corporation to evaluate alternative final covers for LF-01, LF-02, and LF-08 Landfills at the KAFB, Albuquerque, NM to analyze the hydraulic performance of selected soil evapotranspirative covers and to prepare the calculation packages required for regulatory review and approval of the selected covers.
  • Coyote Canyon Landfill, Irvine. Jack Caldwell led a multidisciplinary team in a major revision for the Country of Orange IWMD of the Post-Closure Maintenance Plan for the site and the landfill.