Jack Caldwell, PE

Southern California Civil and Geotechnical Project Experience

The following are some of the projects that Jack Caldwell has worked on as a specialist civil and geotechnical engineer over the past decade.

  • Independent Readjustment Program. Jack Caldwell oversaw GeoSyntec work on the Independent Readjustment Program. The project involved re-inspection of up to 1,500 houses in Los Angeles and surrounding areas that were affected by the Northridge earthquake of 1994. Jack Caldwell personally undertook the following work: (a) site visits to over 300 properties; (b) compile geotechnical reports for over 300 sites; (c) peer review over 600 site visit reports; and (d) compile project Standard Operating Procedures, Technical Guidance Documents, and Health & Safety Plans.
  • Market Survey of the Beneficial Use of Dredged Contaminated Sediments. On behalf of the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP), and for the Los Angeles Contaminated Sediments Task Force, Jack Caldwell compiled a survey of the market for beneficial use in the greater Los Angeles region of contaminated sediments dredged from the coastal waters of Los Angeles County.
  • Pomona Plating. In response to an EPA Removal Order to eliminate an immediate threat to human health and the environment resulting from past plating operations at the site, Jack Caldwell, on behalf of the law firm retained by the property owner, managed and undertook the technical and engineering aspects of the response to the Removal Order.
  • San Diego County 2003 Fire Mitigation Measures Engineering. Subsequent to extensive fires in San Diego County in 2003, Jack Caldwell was a member of the team that inspected fire-affected areas, dwellings, public buildings, and County roads in order to identify post-fire erosion hazards, to define appropriate erosion control measures and engineering works, to prepare plans and specifications for mitigation measures, and to oversee implementation of site-specific mitigation measures.