Permeability Testing

The following publications on permeability testing are presently available. Note that additional references may be found by searching InfoMine's publication database.

Permeability Testing in Unconsolidated Materials
by: Sebastien Fortin, EIT, MSc
This paper describes different permeability testing methods for unconsolidated materials with special emphasis on in-situ determination of permeability in the vadose zone.

A Nitrogen Slug Permeability Testing System
by: Todd Hamilton, MASc, PGeo and Franky Li, MASc, EIT
Conventional slug testing in highly permeable formations can be unreliable due to inaccuracies related to difficulties in establishing an "instantaneous" change in water level and collection of accurate early-time response data. Klohn Crippen has developed a nitrogen-based permeability testing system to address such difficulties. This paper discusses the design, applications and limitations of a nitrogen injection permeability testing system and the interpretation of the data collected.