Beaverlodge Mine

Saskatchewan, Canada

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Years of Service

1983 to 1995

Project Description

In excess of 10 million tons of uranium tailings and a commensurate amount of mine waste was produced by the Beaverlodge mine and mill between 1950 and 1982. The majority of the tailings were placed as beach deposits in three lakes and in a number of spill areas resulting from pipeline ruptures. The wastes included radium barium sludges precipitated in two lakes as a product of mine water and tailings water treatment.

After mine and mill close-out in 1982, Eldorado Nuclear Ltd. prepared and implemented an abandonment plan in which the tailings were stabilized to limit long term leaching and erosion. The abandonment plans were developed to satisfy objectives and requirements of the Canadian Atomic Energy Control Board, Provincial and Federal Agencies.

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