Rehabilitation of Mines, Guidelines for Proponents

Ontario, Canada

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Project Description

In November 1990, the Ministry called for proposals to develop procedures and guidelines for the closure, rehabilitation and public notice for mines in Ontario. The proposed changes will affect all phases of mining from advanced exploration through to abandonment and closure of mines. It is intended that the documents produced from this study will provide practical guidance and assistance to the regulatory agencies and proponents of mines. The documents will also outline the requirements for the safe closure of all aspects of mining operations in Ontario.

SRK, in association with Maxine Wiber and Actrex Partners Limited, were the successful proponents for this study which was completed in 1991.

Services Provided

Dr. Robertson worked with SRK on the preparation of the following:

  • Closure Plan Requirements;
  • Rehabilitation Standards;
  • Procedures and Criteria for Public Notices;
  • Guidelines for Public Notification and Consultation; and,
  • Procedures for the Review and Approval of Mine Closure Plans.

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