Mydlovary Tailings, Czech Repu

Berlin, Germany

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Project Description

The project site is located immediately north and west of the village of Mydlovary approximately 17km northwest of the regional city of Budejovice, Czech Republic. Uranium ore mined between 1962 and 1991 from mines in both Bohemia and Monrovia was transported to the MAPE processing plant located 1500m west of Mydlovary where uranium was extracted and the tailings were deposited in a series of designated tailings pond areas. These tailings impoundments are in close proximity (within a few hundred meters) of the villiages of Mydlovary, Zahaji, Olesnik, Nakri and Divcice.

Services Provided

  • Mine Closure/Reclamation Studies
  • Modeling of infiltration through various designs of soil cover using unsaturated flow model SWMS_2D