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Faro, Vangorda and Grum

Project Description

For many years the mine near the town of Faro produced lead, zinc, silver and gold. In 1998, the operator of the mine was placed into receivership and mining stopped. Since then, the Government of Canada has provided for the care of the site and an ongoing closure project. The Government of Canada, the Yukon Government, the Selkirk First Nation and the Ross River Dena Council (on behalf of the Kaska Nation) are jointly overseeing a program to evaluate closure alternatives.

Services Provided

  • Dr. Robertson is a member of the Peer Review panel appointed to comment on alternative closure plans.
  • Dr. Wels is in charge of groundwater quality data interpretation and impact evaluation. He has also been responsible for the pre-feasability design of a groundwater interception system for the Rose Creek aquifer.
  • RGC staff have in addition provided the following services:
    • Site investigation work including a number of drilling, sampling and testing programs for:
      • drilling and sampling for geochemical characterization of the tailings and waste rock
      • laboratory test programs for the determination of acid generating potential of both tailings and waste rock; geotechnical testing of wastes and foundation materials to determine physical properties and performance in earth structures.
      • investigations of foundation conditions under critical structure, and sources and properties of construction materials
      • investigation of groundwater conditions and contaminated plume development
      • hydrological conditions determination, surface waste quality sampling and characterization
    • Engineering evaluations and designs including:
      • modelling of surface and groundwater conditions and plume potential assessment. Maximum probable flood and other extreme events determinations.
      • determinations of stability of tailings dams, waste rock dump and all diversion channels and structures
      • water balance and contaminated balance modelling over the long term to determine water management, collection and treatment requirements for long term closure measures and funding
      • design of all geochemical control measures (covers, diversion works, contaminant collection ditches, swamps, dams, treatment plants, sludge disposal systems)
      • design of all physical control structures, water run off and control ditches, dams, spillways, pipelines and pumping systems stabilization measures
      • preparation of cost estimates for constructions and closure fund establishment

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