We are a team of specialty consultants with expert knowledge in geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology and geochemistry and their application to mining

About Us

Robertson GeoConsultants Inc.(RGC) is a highly-specialized consulting firm that provides geotechnical, geochemical, and hydrogeological expertise to the mining industry worldwide.

RGC was formed by Dr. Andy Robertson in 1994 after he left the firm Steffen, Robertson & Kirsten (SRK), a firm he founded in South Africa in the 1970s. Today, RGC is managed by Dr. Christoph Wels (a principal and Senior Hydrogeologist at RGC).

Since 1995, RGC has worked in 16 countries and completed over 150 projects at some of the largest and most remote mines in the world.

You can read further into the company’s History, Mission and Method, Services, and Projects.


Dr. Andy MacG. Robertson was one of the three founding partners in the firm Steffen, Robertson & Kirsten, (SRK), that started in Johannesburg, South Africa on January 1, 1974. He emigrated to Canada in 1977 and in April 1978, A. MacG. Robertson & Associates Inc. was started as the holding company for the North American practice of Steffen, Robertson & Kirsten (SRK). Between its founding and 1994, the practice grew in North America to a staff of over 120 in six offices in Canada and the USA, and a number of subsidiaries were started including GEMCOM Software International Inc., Infomine, and CBR Plus North America.

In April 1994, the holdings in SRK were sold to the other shareholders of SRK and direct holdings into the other subsidiary companies was increased. A. MacG. Robertson & Associates Inc. is now the holding company for Dr. Robertson’s consulting practice, Robertson GeoConsultants Inc.

The re-organization of the Robertson Group has allowed the more effective integration of engineering, information and communication, and technology products and services in which the group specializes for the mining industry.

Mission and Methods

The mission of Robertson GeoConsultants Inc. is to push for better quality, innovation, and creative geotechnical and environmental engineering to the mining industry internationally.

The mission is to be accomplished by:

  • maintaining an enthusiasm and high level of technical competence in the technical areas of geotechnics and environmental engineering for mines
  • approaching each client project with the conviction that there is an optimal solution given the site specific conditions, client objects, regulatory requirement, and current technology
  • commitment to consider both conventional and innovative technology and strive to develop optimal solutions for the client
  • proactively identifying and implementing leading edge communication technology, systems and practices to improve communications between Robertson GeoConsultants staff and with our clients and associates
  • developing and maintaining an advanced capability of using the information highway to access available information for both client projects and technology maintenance
  • marketing Robertson GeoConsultants primarily by personal contacts and through the InfoMine Mining Services Directory and Robertson InfoData publications
  • encouraging our staff and professional associates to participate actively and extensively in developing and maintaining their technical strengths and sharing these with others in their technical fields.