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Canadian Uranium Mill Waste Disposal Technology

Project Description

The Canadian Uranium Mill Waste Disposal Technology manual is the concluding and summary document of the Technology Program of the Canadian National Uranium Tailings Program which summarizes the findings of this program and outlines current technology relevant for Canada. SRK was selected as the contractor for the writing of this manual and the evaluation of appropriate Canadian technology. SRK also contributed extensively to a number of the studies in the program. Dr. Robertson was the Senior Author for SRK on this project.

The manual provides a description of the tailings and site characteristics at existing Canadian uranium tailings deposits. It reviews the objectives for the long term containment of tailings and the applicable regulatory approach, criteria and guidelines, as well as International practice and technology.

Technology appropriate to Canadian conditions are described under the following headlines:

  • Site Selection
  • Placement Methods
  • Active and Passive Dewatering Systems
  • Frost Action
  • Barriers to Seepage
  • Barriers to Radon
  • Erosion Protection
  • Control Structures
  • Chemical Control (including acid generation abatement)
  • Technology for Other Wastes
  • Other Technical Issues

The need for long term surveillance and monitoring is established and described as well as the technology required.

Services Provided

Contributing author of the Canadian Uranium Mill Waste Disposal Technology manual


National Uranium Tailings Program, CANMET