Ertsberg Mining District
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Ertsberg Mining District

Project Description

P.T.Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) is the operator of a series of mines located in close proximity to each other on the southern flank of the Jayawijaya Mountains in Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Together, these mines are known as the ‘Ertsberg Mining District’, or the ‘Gunung Bijih Mining District’ meaning ‘ore mountain’. While the Grasberg open pit mine is the cornerstone of PTFI’s current operations in Irian Jaya, additional ore deposits have been defined in and around the pit and underground block cave mines are in production and planned for future production for approximately another 50 years.

Services Provided

  • Review of hydrogeological studies (groundwater flow & transport model, waste rock seepage) carried out for environmental permitting
  • Modelling of air flow and ARD production within waste rock piles
  • Review of overburden management practices
  • Conceptual closure planning for ARD related issues
  • Site-wide load balance evaluation


P.T. Freeport Indonesia
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