Gilt Edge Mine
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Gilt Edge Mine

Project Description

The Gilt Edge mine, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, was developed in the 1980’s and 90’s as an open pit, gold heap leach operation. The deposit had been exploited by conventional mining and milling methods in the early part of the century with tailings being deposited in nearby Strawberry Creek. The mine was operated by Brohm Mining Inc. and is currently listed as a Superfund site.

RGC was contracted to perform an extensive site reconnaissance and geochemical characterization of the mine waste, spent ore, pit complexes and facility areas to form the basis for reclamation decision making and identify areas for more detailed investigation.

Services Provided

Site investigation work included:

  • Sampling for geochemical characterization of the mine waste, pit walls etc.
  • Field and laboratory test programs for the determination of acid generating potential of mined material

Engineering evaluations and designs included:

  • Geochemical assessment and risk of acid generation from areas on the mine site
  • Preliminary assessment of potential materials for use as construction/cover purposes
  • Preliminary assessment of possible reclamation alternatives for the various mine units


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency