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Nimary-Jundee Mine Site

Project Description

The Newmont Jundee Operation is an open cut and underground gold mine located approximately 50 km northeast of the township of Wiluna in central Western Ausralia. Newmont Jundee Operation is comprised of two historically separate operations, Nimary and Jundee, that were ulitmately acquired by Nemont in 2002. Mining started in 1995 and is currently conducted entirely underground. Tailings are stored in three paddock-style facilities.

RGC first became involved with this site as a subcontractor to O’Kane Consultants Inc (OKC). RGC was responsible for developing a 2D seepage and transport model for two of the tailings storage facilities. In absence of seepage data, a preliminary 3D groundwater model was first developed to estimate the amount of seepage that would have caused the observed water table mound and this information was in turn used as input for the seepage model. The results of the study were used by OKC to develop a dry cover system for the facilities.

RGC, in partnership with OKC, was later retained by Newmont Jundee Operations to carry out a waste rock characterization program and determine the implications of pit backfilling with waste rock on pit water quality. The work included a waste rock sampling program, supervised by RGC, and the design of a laboratory testing program. Recommendations were made for mine waste management, and on the suitability of materials used for rehabilitation works.

In 2004, RGC completed a comprehensive hydrogeological review of the site and an assessment of current and potential future impacts of mining operations on the local groundwater system. The review also provided recommendations for minimizing future impacts on the groundwater during operations and also outlined future hydrogeological studies that could assist in closure planning.

Services Provided

  • Development of a 2D seepage model (HYDRUS-2D)
  • Development & calibration of a 3D ground water flow model (MODFLOW)
  • Design and supervision of waste rock characterization program
  • Mine waste management strategies
  • Hydrogeological review and assessment
  • Review of ground water monitoring plan


Newmont Australia

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