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Questa Mine

Project Description

The Questa molybdenum mine, owned and operated by Molycorp Inc., is located 5.8 km east of the town of Questa in Taos County, New Mexico and has been in operation since 1965.

RGC has undertaken extensive characterization, modelling and mine closure planning. Services have been provided in the areas of ARD and metal leaching characterization and prediction of contamination from natural hydrothermal scars, mine tailings, waste rock and open pit wall rock. Geochemical modelling, 3D geometric modelling of tailings impoundment, local and regional 3D groundwater flow modelling and modelling of infiltration and seepage in the tailings to assess alternative soil cover designs has been provided. Environmental liability assessment and mine closure and reclamation planning as well as services in a legal capacity (Dr. Robertson has served as an expert witness for this project) have also been undertaken.

Services Provided

  • ARD/Geochemical Assessments & Remediation
  • Professional Services (Expert Witness, Technical
  • Review Panels or Advisories)
  • Mine Closure/Reclamation Studies
  • Mining & Mineralogy
  • Water Resources; Hydrology; Groundwater


Molycorp Inc.