Sadiola Mine
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Sadiola Mine

Project Description

The Sadiola Gold site, owned by Anglogold Ltd. and operated by SEMOS S.A., is located 400km west of the capital Bamako, Mali (Western Africa), and has been in operation since 1996.

RGC has completed a geotechnical investigation, mine closure planning and environmental assessment. Services have been provided regarding tailings dam stability assessment, design and construction planning, prediction of ARD development from tailings, technical review work, mine closure, assessment of soil cover on mine rock piles and water movement. Legal services were also undertaken for public audits on the Sadiola tailings dam. Dr. Robertson has also served as an expert witness on this project.

Services Provided

  • Geotechnical Studies
  • Professional Services (review/audits)
  • ARD/Geochemical Assessment
  • Hydrology (water management)


SEMOS S.A. (a subsiduary of AngloGold)