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South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Project Description

Technical assistance has been provided to the State of South Dakota Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources on on-going basis for the acid mine drainage reclamation issues, general mine waste management and geotechnical issues. These services include reviewing engineering plans and specifications, mine permit applications, technical correspondence, closure plans, and post-closure maintenance and monitoring plans. The following sites have been reviewed: Richmond Hill Mine, Gilt Edge Mine, Anchor Hill Mine, Wharf Resources’ Clinton Expansion Project, The Gold Reward Mine and Homestake’s Open Cut and Yates properties.

Services Provided

  • Environmental Liability Assessments
  • Professional Services (Expert Witness, Technical Review Panels or Advisories)
  • Mine Closure/Reclamation Studies
  • ARD/Geochemical Assessments & Remediation


South Dakota Department of Environmental and Natural Resources