Tanami Mine
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Tanami Mine Site

Project Description

The Tanami mine site is located approximately 650 km northwest of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. It has been operated by Newmont Tanami Operations as a joint venture with the Granites Gold Mine. Ore was mined from no less than 40 open pits spread out over the mine lease and several satellite sites. Waste rock was deposited in dumps adjacent to the pits while tailings were deposited in mined out open cuts and in paddock-style facilities. Mining ceased in 2001 and active decommissioning is expected to last until 2010. The completion of rehabilitation requirements, achievement of closure criteria and lease relinquishment to the original landowners is expected to occur by the end of 2012.

RGC was retained by Newmont Tanami Pty. Ltd. to carry out a detailed hydrogeological review and assessment of the current and potential future impacts of the Tanami tailings operations on the local groundwater system. The review covered several years of groundwater monitoring data and geochemical characterization work of tailings and waste rock. The existing groundwater monitoring program was reviewed and recommendations were made to improve its effectiveness. RGC continues to assist in the routine monitoring of the site and the development of closure criteria for the site.

Services Provided

  • Hydrogeological review and assessment;
  • Review of ground water monitoring plan;
  • Assistance in routine monitoring (Reporting, QA/QC).


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